AirRanger Replacement Polarized Carbon Filters

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Air Ranger Filter

The polarized Air Ranger Filter represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of air purification. Engineered to provide superior indoor air quality, this advanced filter employs polarized technology to effectively capture and remove a wide spectrum of airborne contaminants. It is highly adept at eliminating dust, allergens, bacteria, and even microscopic particles that often go unnoticed. The polarized charge generated by the AirRanger Filter attracts and traps these contaminants, ensuring that the air in your home remains fresh, clean, and safe to breathe. With its innovative design, the polarized AirRanger Filter sets a new standard for air filtration, offering a dependable way to enhance the well-being and comfort of your indoor living spaces.

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AirRanger Electrostatic Filter

Fast Shipped Filters, a family-owned business based in Ohio with over three decades of experience in the Heating, Cooling, and Air Purification industry, understands the paramount importance of air quality within our homes.

The significance of indoor air quality cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts our family’s well-being. It plays a pivotal role in determining our susceptibility to allergies, illnesses, and long-term health outcomes. Shockingly, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our homes can be 2-5x more polluted than the outdoor air. This can be especially concerning in today’s energy-efficient homes, which are constructed to be tightly sealed, often trapping particles, germs, and gases inside.

Air Ranger, an electrostatic filter can safeguard your indoor air by efficiently removing harmful particles, biohazards like viruses, and noxious gases from chemicals.

AirRanger Electronic Filter Replacement

Consider the sunbeam phenomenon: When sunlight filters through a window, it illuminates countless microscopic particles suspended in the air. What’s visible in the sunbeam are the relatively larger particles, yet a staggering ninety-eight percent of all airborne particles measure below 1 micron in size and remain invisible to the naked eye.

Now, imagine inhaling these minute, potentially harmful particles. While our lungs effectively filter out larger particles, the tiniest ones that pose the greatest health risks pass through. AirRanger electronic filter replacement filters help you breathe easier and ensure a healthier environment within your home.

AirRanger Media Pads

The initial AirRanger Air Cleaner filter pad may feature a painted target. This is a result of the manufacturer’s decision to use a more cost-effective Carbonized mesh instead of a complete carbon sheet, which is the approach taken by Fast Shipped Filters. To ensure proper electrode contact and electrify the pad, a foil piece was introduced. However, with Fast Shipped Filters brand replacement pads, you can install them in any orientation, ensuring a secure connection with the carbon sheet for optimal electrical current distribution, without any concerns.





AirRanger Clean Air Filter

Our AirRanger Clean Air Filter quickly and easily replaces the air cleaning filter you need. Our replacement air filters are consistently in stock and ready to ship, with orders processed the same day if placed by 11:00AM EST. We offer FREE shipping within the USA, and for our Canadian customers, shipping starts at $9.99, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.

These AirRanger carbon-compatible filters are available in White, Blue, or Yellow, providing options that suit your preferences and needs. Please note that the White, Yellow, or Blue coloring of the pads is merely a result of different dye colors used during manufacturing and does not impact performance.

Rest assured, If you can’t find your specific size, please feel free to reach out to us; we carry filters in all sizes. You can also text us at 419-779-3132 (Text Only) for quick answers. Commercial vendors and contractors can visit discounts on large air filter orders.


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