Cimatec AirScreen Filters (8 pack)

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Cimatec AirScreen Replacement Media Pads

By incorporating Airscreen Replacement Media Pads by Cimatec, you can significantly enhance the indoor air quality within your home. The Cimatec AirScreen 1000 Electronic Filter, when integrated into your HVAC system, offers a powerful solution for eliminating common household contaminants such as dust, dander, fungus spores, and harmful bacteria, thereby promoting a healthier living environment. Operating on the principle of bi-polarization, this electronic air cleaner is entirely safe and straightforward. It achieves this by generating a polarized charge on the distinctive AirScreen media pads positioned within the AirScreen electronic filter.

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Cimatec Non-Polarized AirScreen Replacement Filters

Fast Shipped Filters manufacture Cimatec AirScreen replacement filters that will work for the following non-polarized systems:

And more such as Amana and InnerEco air filters. WARNING: Avoid ordering based on the dimensions of the disposable fiberglass pad. Instead, measure the external frame or consult the filter label located inside the c-channel at the top of the filter frame. If you have any questions, please TEXT 419-779-3132 for a response.

Cimatec Filters

Cimatec filters are a great source for air cleaner replacement filters, available at a starting price of just $47.98. Each order includes 4 filter charges, providing you with an 8-pack of filters. These filters are available in white and come with free shipping within the USA, with shipping to Canada starting at $9.99. Fast Shipped Filters maintains a ready-to-ship inventory, ensuring that your order will be dispatched within one business day.

If you can’t find the specific size you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For commercial quotes or larger quantity orders of Cimatec filters, visit non-polarized air filter discounts.


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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 in
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1 review for Cimatec AirScreen Filters (8 pack)

  1. David Y (verified owner)

    Very impressed with “Fast Shipped Filters”!! Ordered my filters on Monday and they arrived on Thursday, a day earlier than expected (and in Oregon too!). I replace my filters every three months and can attest they really do a great job. I will definitely be a return customer of Fast Shipped Filters. Great customer service and they deliver!

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