Dynamic Air Filters for CT-500, CT-100, and OH1010 Models

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White, Yellow or Blue coloring of pads is simply different dye colors during manufacturing.  There is no performance gain/loss between the different colors.

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Improve your indoor air quality and breathe cleaner, healthier air with Dynamic Air Cleaner replacement filters. We offer a wide selection of filters compatible with popular Dynamic Air Cleaner models, including:

  • Dynamic Air Cleaner model OH1010 – Ceiling mounted air cleaners
  • Dynamic Air Cleaner models CT-500 & CT-100 – Portable air cleaners


“Smoke Eater”

Dynamic Air Cleaner Compatible Replacement Filter Pads

Kick the butt out of indoor smoke with Dynamic Air Cleaner replacement filters! These powerful “smoke eaters” are specially designed for smokers, trapping 97% of smoke particles down to 0.3 microns, including:

  • Cigarette smoke: Say goodbye to that stale haze and lingering odors.
  • Secondhand smoke: Protect your family and pets from harmful airborne particles.
  • Cooking smoke: Eliminate greasy film and unpleasant food smells from the air.

Dynamic Air Filters for Ceiling Mounted and Portable Air Cleaners

Product Details

  • Compatible with Dynamic Console and Overhead Air Cleaner Models CT-500, CT-100, and OH1010.
  • Available in White, Blue, or Yellow.
  • MPN: ct-100 / ct-500 / oh1010

Shipping Information

  • Shipping in USA: FREE
  • Shipping in CANADA: $9.99 and up
  • In Stock and Ready to Ship
  • Orders ship within one business day.
  • Same Day Shipping if ordered by 11am EST

Size Availability

  • We have filters available in all sizes.
  • We can manufacture custom air filter sizes for all of our Dynamic filter brands.

Technology and Performance

  • Dynamic Air Cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology for maximum air cleaning, quickly installing into the existing filter tracks of your central heating & cooling system.
  • Superior filtration traps germs, bacteria, viruses, and allergens better than Merv 11 media filters.
    • Ideal for removing odors, sub-micron particles, airborne pathogens, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Non-ionizing electronic polarized-media technology means no Ozone is produced.
    • Effectiveness does not diminish over time, unlike electronic precipitators.
  • Traps 97% of particles at .3 microns and continues trapping smaller particles over time.
  • Easy maintenance: Simply replace economical filter pads as needed.


  • White, Yellow, or Blue coloring of pads is simply different dye colors during manufacturing. There is no performance gain/loss between the different colors.
  • If you don’t see your size, please contact us.
    • Text your questions to 419-779-3132
    • For commercial quotes or larger quantities, visit Air Filter Discounts
    • The products advertised on this page are manufactured by Fast-Shipped-Filters. Dynamic is a registered mark of Dynamic AQS. Fast-Shipped-Filters is not affiliated with Dynamic AQS.

Dynamic Smoke Eater Replacement Filters

Purchase Dynamic CT-500 / Dynamic CT-100 / Dynamic OH1010 Polarized Filters today from Fast Shipped Filters. We offer a wide selection of Dynamic Air Cleaner filters in various sizes and colors to fit your specific model and needs. So whether you’re a smoker looking for cleaner air or simply want to improve your indoor air quality, Dynamic Air Cleaner filters have you covered.

Order your smoke-eating filters today and start breathing easier!

How to change the CT-500 Air Filters

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