EnViroAire Replacement Polarized Filters

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EnViroAire Air Cleaner Replacement Polarized Carbon Compatible Filters are available in White, Blue, or Yellow. Please note that the White, Yellow, or Blue coloring of pads is simply different dye colors used during manufacturing. There is no performance gain or loss between the different colors.

    • We can make your custom size at same price
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    • Text your questions to 419-779-3132 (Text Only)
    • Replace Every 1 to 4 Months: Depending Local air quality for optimal performance
    • Text your questions to 419-779-3132 (Text Only)
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    • Shipping to Canada $9.98 and up

Fast Shipped Filters is a family-owned business in Ohio that has been in the Heating Cooling & Air Purification industry since 1984

The original EnViroAire Air Cleaner filter pad may have a target painted on it.  Since the manufacturer chose to use a cheaper Carbonized mesh rather than a full sheet of carbon, like the Fast Shipped Filters, they had to add a piece of foil as a target so the electrode would touch the foil and electrify the pad.  No worry with the Fast Shipped Filters brand replacement pads, you can load them any which way they fit, and you will be sure to have a secure contact with the carbon sheet for optimal distribution of the electrical current.


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